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Three of Me February 2, 2010

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I created these puppets for a homework assignment in my family therapy class. The assignment was to create three puppets that represent the different roles you play in your family. In addition to the puppets, we also either wrote a paper or a poem explaining how we interpreted our family roles into visual representations and why we represented them the way we did. I have expressed my emotions through writing poetry since I was in middle school, so I decided that a poem would be the most creative and honest way in which I could share my feelings about my puppets. Above are images of each of my puppets. I sewed each head by hand out of muslin fabric and also hand embroidered the faces. I made the clothes out of fabric that I felt visually fit with each aspect. While making these I thought about the meaning of the size and details of each puppet and how these things related to my roles. The first one represents my free spirit; the part of me that is full of energy, peace, and love for all living creatures. This is my “flowerchild/hippie” and creative ┬áside. The next puppet represents the needy inner child inside me. The final puppet signifies the professional side of my being, which is an important part of my roles. This last puppet represents so many crucial elements in my life. Through continuing my education, I achieved transformation and accomplishment. Graduation is an obvious symbol of these elements. The puppets are Three of Me.


To Live is to Create . . . January 27, 2010

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Hello! My goal as an art therapist is to improve and enhance the quality of clients’ lives, including mental and emotional health, by using art therapy techniques and approaches. Self expression and discovery through the process of creating art is an empowering and healing activity for one’s soul and mind. I live to promote and share my personal experiences with this process and it’s benefits so that others may find the same relief that I have found in art.